Top Premier League Fantasy Players Of The 201617 Season

Premier League Fantasy Top Forwards

Alexis Sanchez had an unbelievable season and Arsenal should be thanking him big time. Sanchez scored a large number of Arsenal’s goals landing Arsenal in the top five.

Harry Kane had another great seasons despite be plagued by injury. Kane worked seamlessly with the skilled midfield to consistently score goals. You do need to give a lot of credit to Tottenham’s midfield for that to. Kane certainly would have scored more goals if he had not lost so much time to injury.

Romelu Lukaku is starting to peak and this upcoming season will not disappoint. Chelsea will be kicking themselves for letting him go, especially since he will be playing for Manchester United.

EPL Fantasy Top Forwards Of 2016/17
Sanchez – 650.5 points
Kane – 557.5 points
Lukaku – 552. Points

Premier League Fantasy Top Midfielders

In the past, the media enjoyed beating up on Eden Hazard. Last season Hazard shut them up by showing them why he deserves to be considered among the best in the league.

Tottenham Hotspur had an exceptional midfield last season. Thanks you the hard work of the midfield, Tottenham placed second in the league overall. Both Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli had a major role in getting the team there.

Kevin De Bruyne was the best player for Manchester City this past season, along with Sergio Agüero. De Bruyne is a solid player; he is aggressive, quick and has a powerful strike.

I’m surprised Gylfi Sigurðsson had another strong season. Surprisingly, Sigurðsson has not signed with another team after Swansea once again failed to finish in the top half of the table.

EPL Fantasy Top Midfielders Of 2016/17

Hazard – 627 points
Eriksen – 617.5 points
De Bruyne – 559.5 points
Sigurðsson – 524 points
Alli – 491.5 points

Premier League Fantasy Top Defenders

Since being signed by Liverpool James Milner has become one of the best outside defenders in the EPL.

Some defenders put up some serious points last season. Chelsea had a solid defense that helped them to secure the top spot, finishing with a seven point lead. Marcos Alonso was a new arrival and put on an impressive performance. César Azpilicueta had a great season as well. Since joining Chelsea Gary Cahill has been solid performer.

Kyle Walker, another solid defender, drove up the side of the field many times, placing crosses perfectly at the feet of others and setting up a ton of plays. Jan Vertonghen was Tottenham defender that had a noteworthy season.

Manchester City switched lineups around many times this season but Nicolás Otamendi stood out, performing well last season. Leighton Baines was out for a good part of the season but performed well when on the field.

EPL Fantasy Top Defenders Of 2016/17

Milner – 415.5 points
Alonso – 410.25 points
Azpilicueta – 385.75 points
Walker – 354.75 points
Cahill – 333.75 points
Otamendi -326 points

English Premier League Fantasy Top Keepers

The English Premier League has some the best goalkeepers in the world. Last season, the keepers did not disappoint.

While he did not put up the most points in the fantasy league last season, David De Gea is hands down the best keeper in the world right now. If Manchester united had better defense last season De Gea would have put up significantly more clean sheets.

Petr Čech is another EPL legend. He is still playing well at an intensely competitive level. Thibaut Courtois is evolving into a great keeper as well. When Chelsea let Čech in favor of starting Courtois, at the time it seemed like Chelsea would regret it. While Chelsea may not regret it today, choosing between the two keepers could not have been easy. Courtois is young, with plenty of time to grow and improve as a player. Čech may be older, but his age comes with years of experience in the world’s most competitive league. Only time with tell if they made the right decision.

Tom Heaton performed well and saved Burley many times throughout the season. Heaton was a pleasant surprise for anyone who drafted him to their fantasy team as he put up more points than any of the other keepers.

Jordan Pickford also had a great season. Everton took note of that and signed him as their keeper. Pickford’s signing made him the most expensive British keeper and third most expensive keeper of all time. Hopefully this season he will prove he was worth the high price tag.

Kasper Schmeichel is following in his father’s footsteps and has become a top notch goalkeeper. While Leicester City did not have the season that most people envisioned, Schmeichel played well.

Hugo Lloris had solid season but credit must be given to Tottenham Hotspu’s strong back line. The defense was major contributing factor to the success of Lloris’s season.

EPL Fantasy Top Keepers Of 2016/17

Heaton – 301.75 points
Lloris – 260 points
Cech – 247.5 points

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