barclays english premier league vs playtogga

The past season was the first time I used the Play Togga fantasy premier league platform. I want to give you my input and experience between both the Play Togga platform and Barclays platform and what I like and dislike. They are both great platforms and have their pros and cons.

Play Togga English Premier League Fantasy Platform


Play Togga has a great draft system. Before the season starts every private league has a draft. The best part about this is that every team in every league will have different players in their roster.

You can trade with different teams in your private league for another player of interest. Basically how most fantasy sports leagues work.

Play Togga has a great point structure. The point structure isn’t just based off of clean sheets and goals. You get points off of passes, saves, successful dribbles, clearances, crosses, play makers, and so on. They have the best point structure I’ve seen so far. Another great plus for the fantasy fanatic.


I don’t have many cons to this platform. I really like the Play Togga platform and its structure. The only thing I can think of is the waiver wire and how it works. Every Tuesday and Thursday trades the waiver wire kicks in. For example if you place a trade on Monday you have to wait till Tuesday to see if you got that player. I like that part of the waiver wire but it’s the back end of the algorithm that I don’t like. The team that has the least points gets that player if two teams choose to try and pick up the same player of the waiver wire. I think more should go into the trade. It should go by how many times you use the waiver wire and what place you are in in the league.

Another thing i don’t like about the waiver wire is that during the weekends, Friday through Sunday the waiver wire allows you to pick up any free agent without going through the waiver wire process. For example say it’s a half hour before a game is supposed to start I can pick up any player that is a free agent. There should be some sort of time frame on picking up free agents during the weekend of a gameweek. It makes it a little less competitive when you can pick up any player right before a game is allowed to start.

The Play Togga platform is still in the beginning phases so the platform does freeze sometimes. I think they will have the bugs fixed for next season though.

Barclays English Premier League Fantasy Platform


The Barclays platform is fast and reliable.

They have cup leagues where you can compete against all other players on the platform. That is pretty cool but once you get eliminated you can’t play in the cup game any more.


In the Barclays English Premier League fantasy platform the point structure isn’t deep enough into depth. The point structure is more based off of clean sheets and goals scored/assists for goals. You may have a great player that makes a lot happen throughout the game but if he doesn’t score any goals or holds a clean sheet he won’t walk away with a lot of points.

Everyone can have the same team. That’s another downfall that this platform has. Everyone can choose from the same players and there isn’t a draft.


So these are the two platforms I’ve worked with so far and it seems to me that Play Togga has a better platform than the Barclays platform. I will update this as I remember some of the other pros and cons I haven’t listed yet.

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