Fantasy Premier League 2017/18 Sleepers




Sleepers are key when it comes to any fantasy league. You cannot rely on your best players to put up points consistently. Players get tired and injured. These players are human just like all of us and sometimes have a sloppy game. This is where your sleepers come in. The player that has fallen off the radar or is not projected to have any major impact.


Most managers are focused on the Harry Kane’s, the Paul Pogba’s, and so on. We simply forget about the less expensive transfers and promoted players. Some players may not have matured last season but this season could be the year that they come into peak form. Take Zaha for example. He was always a solid player but no one expected him to put up as many points as he did last season.


Javier “Chicharito” Hernández


Javier Hernández, aka Chicharito or Chicha, was just traded from Leverkusen to West Ham. He is one of the guys that may fly under the radar in your fantasy league. Van Gaal definitely made a mistake letting him go but then again Van Gaal made a lot of mistakes. Chicha put up 20 goals last season and with his move to West Ham I don’t anticipate him slowing down. While I wouldn’t use pick him up in my first round of the draft, I would definitely keep an eye on him and maybe pick him up before the 6th round.


Joe Hart


Joe Hart is a great goalie and is finally back where he belongs in the EPL. Something happened between him and Pep Guardiola resulting in Guardiola’s questionable decision to send Hart out on loan for the second season in a row. Last season, Hart played for Torino F.C. in Serie A. This season he is back in the EPL, playing for West Ham United. Hart has a lot of talent and experience in front of the net. If you do not have a keeper and it’s coming down to the wire, try to pick up Joe Hart if he is available.


Wayne Rooney


Wayne Rooney is the quintessential sleeper. While he is a talented player, Rooney has failed to impress on the pitch the last few years. With such dismal stats at such a high price tag, Manchester United had to sell him to free up funds for new players. Rooney is back in blue at Goodison Park. I don’t think that people will be expecting much from Rooney, but I think with less pressure and a new start, Rooney will have a successful season.


Dwight Gayle


Dwight Gayle was signed to Newcastle United last year after playing for Crystal Palace F.C. for a few years. Gayle,a forward, put up 26 goals in 32 appearances. Gayle will also bring his experience playing in the EPL, making him a solid sleeper to consider picking up for your fantasy team.  


Tammy Abraham


Tammy Abraham is definitely a player to watch. During the 2015/16 season, Abraham played for Chelsea. Unfortunately for him, so did everyone else, and his time of the pitch was extremely limited – he played in just two matches. Last season Chelsea loaned him out to Bristol City F.C. and this year he has been loaned out to Swansea City A.F.C. Since Fernando Llorente will miss the start of the season due a broken arm caused by a cycling accident, Abraham will have the opportunity to show what he can do. Last season Abraham scored 40 goals in 41 games, yet he will not likely be on the top of anyone’s list.

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