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English Premier League Fantasy Talk Gameweek 8


A couple big games this week with interesting outcomes. Crystal Palace bagged their first goal of the season and their first win against Chelsea on Saturday as the won two to one. Manchester United and Liverpool played to a tie of zero to zero. Arsenal lost to Burnley two to win as Deeney scored two to help them win. Stoke City didn’t have such a good game as they got crushed by Manchester City seven to two and the top players of gameweek 8 are:

(F) – Tammy Abraham – 24 points
(F) – Gabriel Jesus – 26.5 points
(F) – Raheem Sterling – 30 points

(M) – Leroy Sane – 23 points
(M) – Wilfried Zaha – 24.5 points
(M) – Michael Antonio –21.5 points
(M) – Kevin De Bruyne – 25 points

(D) – Dejan Lovren – 16.5 points
(D) – Kieran Trippier – 20.75 points
(D) – Per Mertesacker – 25.75 points

(G) – Joe Hart – 25.75 points

Tammy Abraham was one of my sleepers from the beginning of the season and he had a great game this weekend. Abraham had three shots on goal and two goals as Swansea beat Huddersfield two to nil.

Gabriel Jesus was one of four Manchester City players to make the top players this week in fantasy. Jesus had two shots in target and two goals for City.

Raheem Sterling also helped City do a number on Stoke City this Saturday with a goal and two assists.

Leroy Sane was Manchester City player that put up big points. Sane had one goal and one assist.

Wilfred Zaha is back from injury for Crystal Palace and they were missing him. Zaha helped get their first win of the season as they beat Chelsea two to one. He had three shots on target and scored one goal.

Michael Antonio had a goal this Saturday with 4 shots in target and three crosses for West Ham as they tied Burnley one to one.

Kevin De Bruyne helped add to City’s seven goals Saturday with two assists.

Dejuan Lovren has been pretty quiet this season and on Saturday Liverpool had many chances to take the lead against Manchester United but couldn’t finish. Lovren did help hold down the clean sheet keeping them game nil to nil.

Kierian Trippier has a solid game for Tottenham on Saturday as they beat Bournemouth one nil. He put in twelve crosses. Even though Trippier didn’t get an assist off any them he did create a bunch of chances. He’s been pretty consistent so far and I think we will see many more games with him starting on the outside.

Per Mertesacker got the start for Arsenal. His first start of the season. Even though Arsenal took a loss to Watford Mertesacker did have a goal.

Joe Hart hasn’t had the greatest games so far this season but he does have an assist. Hart gave a long ball to Michail Antonio which Antonio scored off of. Hart did concede a goal but had four saves against Burnley as well.

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