English Premier League Fantasy Talk Gameweek 4

Huddersfield was the last team to hold a clean sheet and Manchester united’s winning streak comes to an end.

Manchester City vs Liverpool was the big game of the week until City crushed them 5 to nil. Mane got a red card for a high kick where he drilled Ederson in the face as they both went for the ball. That set Liverpool one man down and after that it was downhill for them.

(G) – Butland – 16.25 points

(D) – Kolasinic – 25 points
(D) – Davies – 37.5 points
(D) – Lascelles – 25 points

(M) – GroB – 37.5 points
(M) – Maxim Choupo-Moting – 31.5 points
(M) – Kevin De-Bruyne – 25.5 points
(M) – Sane – points – 25.5 points

(F) – Welbeck – 36 points
(F) – Kane – 30.5 points
(F) – Jesus – 25.5 points

A big week for Gabriel Jesus as he added to the five goals that Manchester City put in against Liverpool. Scoring twice with three shots on target.

Harry Kane is at it again. Usually starting the season off slow and around September picking it up. Kane put in two out of the three goals for Tottenham against Everton.

Danny Welbeck has stepped up. Coming off a not so good season last year. Welbeck had two goals and an assist this week. He was involved in all three Arsenal goals helping Arsenal beat Bournemouth 3 to nil.

Leroy Sane Came in off the bench on saturday and scored two goals for Manchester City with two shots on target.

Kevin De-Bruyne has started off slower than usual but had a good game on Saturday. Helping at to the beating Manchester City gave Liverpool De-Bruyne had two assists and one shot on target.

Pascal GroB from Brighton had a big game helping Brighton come away with their first win of the season. Grob was involved in all three goals as Brighton beat West Brom three to nil. He scored two goals and an assist.

Maxim Choupo-Moting scored his first goal for Stoke City on Saturday against Manchester United. Helping Stoke come across with one point as they tied two two against United. Maxim put in two goals with two shots on target.

Jamaal Lascelles helped Newcastle win one to nil against Swansea with the only goal of the game. we can’t forget his ten clearances he had as helped stop Swansea from scoring to tie it up.

Ben Davies has been solid so far this year while Tottenham have been without Danny Rose. Who knows if Rose will get his starting spot back when he returns. Davies helped Tottenham beat Everton three to nil with two assists and some other great chances.

Sead Kolasinic helped Arsenal keep a clean sheet this week against Bournemouth with three won aerials and four clearances. Kolasinic also helped add to their three points with an assist.

Jack Butland had a huge game against Manchester United with some big saves. Although he didn’t hold a clean sheet and conceded two goals he still had 7 saves. Helping Stoke keep United from winning.

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